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2019 Wetnose Day

You can help raise funds for animals this Wetnose Day

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Wetnose Warriors – Amanda Spooner, Gemma Lou, Nicola Ward completed their mud race challenge

As you can see we have now completed our challenge. The next challenge is to try and raise as much as we can for it. You can still make any donation to We hope that all our efforts won’t be in vain as there is a serious side to this and that’s to raise much needed funds for the struggling animal rescue centres up and down the UK, (smaller, non-profit ones) who really do an amazing job of putting an animal that has been broken, usually at the hands of humans, though neglect, abuse and financial gain.

They work 365 days of the year, caring for the many animals that unfortunately find themselves in a sanctuary or rescue centre, to be brought back to health and to regain some trust to allow them to be either freed back into the wild or for domesticated animals, they will try and find them a forever home.

PLEASE, IF YOU CAN DONATE TO All donations will be given to #Wetnoseanimalaid, who go all over the UK, assessing those most in need of funds to help with much needed, medical supplies, equipment, food, vet bills etc.

The mud was thicker than ever and how we got out with our trainers still on our feet is beyond me SO we climbed over massive logs, scaled many straw stacks, clambered across the river of rafts hauled ourselves up roped water embankments and walls, underground gravel pipes, under the caged mud pits, actually had fun going down the water Hill slide...ran for what seemed a marathon and all in aid of #WETNOSEANIMALAID

WE are so proud to have achieved the course and hope our efforts will raise plenty of funds for a truly well-deserved charity. If you haven't donated but would like to I am keeping the link open for one more week. You can go to From us all here at Wetnose thank you ladies for all your hard work, now go get a shower….xx

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Treasure Hunt


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Staffy Stroll

Staffy Stroll

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Charity Walk

Centre Paws Walk

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Play the Weather Lottery and raise funds for Wetnose

Play Now

We are committed to raising funds to help other Animal Rescue Centres who do wonderful work caring for sick animals and wildlife but never get the recognition they truly deserve.

Please help us to help them by playing our lottery for just £1.

There's £25,000 to be won every week!

Wetnose Lottery

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Shop online and help raise money for Wetnose


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Splat Quack Go mudrace

16th June 2018, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Splat Quack Go - Mudrace

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Many people who make a skydive or parachute jump do so whilst raising funds for a worthwhile cause. UK Parachuting works with over 40 sponsored charities in the UK and around the world. By raising a minimum amount of funds for these good causes you could get your jump for FREE.

UK Parachuting

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to jump 13,000 feet at 120 mph?

We are looking for a group of people maybe 5 or 6 to get involved and be part of our jump on the Friday 29th September 2017 or over that weekend. You will be joining a group of likeminded people who all want to help raise money for Wetnose Animal Aid charity and take on the epic challenge of completing a skydive.

If this is your first jump we recommend a Tandem Skydive; you’ll be strapped to a highly experienced professional but be able to experience the full thrill of a full skydive, so you can smile and enjoy the ride!

Date: Friday 29th September – 1st October 2017 for Wetnose Day event:

Where? – UK Parachuting at Beccles Airfield

How much? – Registration Fee £100. There is a minimum fundraising target of £300 to cover the cost of your jump, so ask family and friends or work colleges to sponsor you.

Tandem Jump


Tour Poster


Husse Pet Foods

Husse Pet Food in Leicester raised funds from their stall and helped to spread the word, in total £170.00 was raised well done Nilz and team.

Amanda Spooner

Amanda Spooner did a doggie day at the Filby Village Hall with agility, raffles, best wetnose photo, lots of stalls and raised a whopping £600 fantastic thank you Amanda.

Belmont Vets

Big thank you to all at Belmont Vets with Kirsty and team raising funds for Wetnose Day

Kingston Vets

Kelly from Kingston Vets in Dorset raised £88.75 for having a Wetnose Fun Day well done team

Carla Cross

Carla Cross from East Lothian Council had a cake day for Wetnose and raised £190.00 thank you Carla and mum

Shirley Hawkins

Shirley Hawkins from Derby raised £500 for her sky jump. Contact us if you are brave enough to do a sponsored skidive!

Keen Line Dancers

Keen Line Dancers raised £590.50 with a sponsored line dance marathon and raffle at The Wilton, Castleford, North Yorks. Keen Line dancers had a great time raising money to help Wetnose support animal rescue. Thank YOU we can do so much with this donation. Mary Welbrun raised £196 just by herself - thats fantastic!

Ginette Craig

We raised £270 for Wetnose at our village fete and my triathlon sweepstake. Also just to let you know, I have remembered Wetnose in my will, should I die. I live for animals, as they give so much pleasure, but they suffer so much cruelty too. Just to know I have helped one, means my life was worth living. See photo below for our last fundraising for pussycats! Best wishes - Ginette Craig.

June Horne

June Horne who lives in Kingsburns, St Andrews, Scotland ran in the Lockness Marathon on the 3rd October and raised £300.


Jackie (Left) has sent in this photo from the Wincanton racecourse office in Dorset. Also pictured is Pam and Jackies Jack Russell puppy, Skipper.

Tina Smith

Tina Smith raised £40 by selling her 'Nodding Buster' on eBay.

Julie Forbes

Julie Forbes from NPower raised £689 from a 3 day peak challenge, NPower also matched her price and gave us another £689.

Paul Beard

Paul Beard did a dog show for us in June at Verwood, Dorset and raised £150.00.

Barbara Mathieson

Barbara Mathieson and her daughter did a collection for us at the Bon Accord Shopping Mall in Aberdeen and raised over £300.

Ann-Marie Baran & Francis McNally

Ann-Marie Baran & Francis McNally from Glasgow who raised £600 specifically for Proanimals new dog shelter project in Romania.

Sonia Parker

Sonia Parker raised £600 with her line dancing team.

Irene Brockelsby

Mrs Irene Brockelsby shaved her head for Wetnose and raised £74.00

Tina Smith

Tina Smith has raised £62 so far for the Little Bo Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Tina has made little bricks for people to buy for £1.

Woodheys Primary School

Woodheys Primary School, Sale, n Manchester is doing a non-uniform day for Wetnose with an animal theme. The 320 pupils will give £1 each and get a free black nose with white whiskers.

Townsend Vets

Townsend Vets, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire donated £100.

K9 Capers

Special thanks to K9 for sending goodies to our shop in Beccles.


Wendy Brine and staff at 'Cosyfeet', Somerset raised £132 with a cake sale, raffle and competition to guess the owners of pet photos they took into work. The Cosyfeet staff even wore silly hats.

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society donated £100 to buy goods for the overseas fund - thanks! N&P are providers of financial advice and home insurance.

Donations to Rescue Centres

Just a few of the many Centres we have helped, remember we sometimes help these Centres again and again not just the once.

Alexandra Bastedo

Alexandra Bastedo Champions Animal Sanctuary in Sussex says “Thank you so much Wetnose for your kind donations and for coming to visit us on our Open Day”. RIP Alexandra wonderful lady.

Alternative Animal Sanctuary in Lincs:

Tamara Lloyd says “Thank You Wetnose for being so kind and helping with a donation, lovely to meet you and show you all the horses and other animals”.

Wagtails in Essex:

Corrin says “Thank you so much for helping Ruby with your donation”.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk:

Wendy Valentine says “Thank you Wetnose for your kind donation, it really helps us to continue with all out work, glad you enjoyed the visit”.

Jayne Shenton from German Shepherd Rescue:

“Thank you Wetnose for your help and £2,000 donation and also for taking on 2 of our GSD’s Tammy and Archie, donations mean we can carry on with our work”.

Mare & Foal Sanctuary in Devon:

Rosemary Kind says “Thank you for your £1,000 donation it really is lovely to receive this kind donation so we can help pay off some of our vets bill”.

Willows Animal Sanctuary in Scotland:

Kate Robinson says “Thank you Wetnose for your kind donation mean a lot especially to the animals”.

Pussy Cat Lodge in Essex:

Thank you for your support and kindness this mean so much to all of us, especially the animals”.

Dartmoor Pony Rescue:

Natalie Torr says “Thank you Wetnose for your £1,000 donation this really will help us kick start our training workshop off”.

Animals in Need in Northampton:

Roy Marriott says “Thank you Andrea for all your help and support, your donation means a lot”.

Paws Animal Sanctuary in Sussex:

Stacey McSpirit says “Thank you Wetnose for all the good work you are doing helping animals, I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and it doesn’t get any easier, much appreciated”.

Friends of strays of Greece:

Lyn Purdon says “Thank you Andrea and Gavin from Wetnose your £1,500 donation will help many animals on the islands of Greece”.

Animal Kingdom in Philippines:

Charles Wartenburg says “Gavin your help and support during your visit and your generous £3,000 donation is just fantastic thank you from us all here in the Philippines, hope you enjoyed your trip”.

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land:

Abed Battah (manager of the sanctuary in Israel) says “Wetnose, thank you for helping donkeys in desperate need across Israel and Palestine”.

Greek Animal Rescue in London:

Vesna says “Wetnose you’re wonderful people thank you for helping Greek animals”. Rip Vesna…

International Aid for Korea Animals:

Yoon Kerr says “Thank you for your generous and very special donation of £2,000”.

Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand:

John Dalley says” Hello and thank you for your donation of £1,000 this is wonderful news”.

Ace Animal Care in Egypt:

Julie Wartenburg (Founder) says “Wetnose your donation for £2,000 is just wonderful thank you for your support, lovely to meet you both”.

Animals Algarve in Portugal:

Vickee Taylor says “Wetnose thank you so much for your £500 donation, much appreciated”.

Wetnose message on Twitter:

So thrilled & delighted 2 give @Nowzad @PenFarthing donation £3,500 have been over there & seen them all work so hard in harsh conditions, lovely team Hannah and Pen.

Vickee Taylor from Algarve Cat Rescue Portugal says “Wow the cat play station is wonderful thank you Wetnose just what they need to play on”.

Hugletts Wood Farm:

Wenda Shehata says “The Cattle Feed is perfect for the cows thank you Wetnose”.

Pro-Animals in Tg-Jiu, Gorj, Romania:

Patricia says “Thank you so much for all the boxes of goodies sent to us and for all the money donations, all the animals need your support”

Heronfield Animal Centre in Knowle, Solihull:

Mitch Withey says “Buying animal food for us really helps keep our bills down, any help is most welcome thanks Wetnose”.

The Algernon Trust in Whittlebury:

Jane says “Thank you for paying £200 off our vets bill, great to know Wetnose is able to help when needed”.

Cavyrescue in Rochester Kent:

Stella Hulott says “A big thank you for giving us £250 for our vets bills, it really helps us re-home rats and other small animals”.

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre:

Juliette Cuncliffe says “At last a moment to officially thank you for your very kind donation of £200, there are many animals here in Nepal that need so much, this will help with our spaying programme”.

Rescue Remedies in Essex:

Sharon Reynolds says “Thank you for the £200 towards our vet’s bill, we always try and help Staffies so our bills are high but from Lynn De Costa and myself thanks for your support”.

Walk with donkeys in Crete:

Suzanne Barbour says “Thank you Wetnose for your paypal donations it’s not easy getting donations over here, hay over here is now is getting so expensive so every donation counts”.

Animal Ark Rabbit & Guinea Pig Centre in Inverness:

Susan Grant says “Paying off our vet’s bills means so much as I can now pay for a new rabbit hutch and run thank you Wetnose”.

Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue:

Geoff says “Thank you so much Wetnose for £300 donation.”

Mill House Animal Sanctuary:

Chris Hart says “Thank you so much for your generous donation of £300, our founding sisters join me in sending you our heartfelt thanks”.

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Centre Hembsy:

“Thank you Wetnose for the £650 we can now go ahead and get our old shelter replaced”.

Remus in Essex:

Sue Burton says “Thank you for coming over to see the horse your cheque for £500 will help us with a new field shelter after the other one was blown down”.

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary in Norwich:

Lyz says “Thank you so much for the cat food, and haylage for the horses, your £1,000 will help us through the winter”.